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High-quality watch movements

We are proud to announce, for the very first time, Sif Jakobs watches – new models, each with its own character. The watches are made of stainless steel with high-quality MIYOTA movements, assembled in Japan at one of the world's largest watch factories. MIYOTA has been supplying movements to leading brands worldwide for nearly 40 years.

Every component used in MIYOTA's movements is made in Japan. Furthermore, the components we use are mostly metal, ensuring high precision and durability

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Sif Jakobs Watches are made of 316L stainless steel for the case and bracelet, making them hypoallergenic.

Sif Jakobs Watches feature sapphire glass, which is actually not a type of glass but a pure form of aluminum oxide that has undergone a crystallization process. Sapphire crystal is the most expensive type of watch glass due to its exceptional hardness and durability. It is considered the best material for protecting the watch dial from impacts.

We use MIYOTA Japanese movements in all our Sif Jakobs watches. MIYOTA movements are widely accepted as the most accurate Japanese movements. They are analog quartz movements, offering several advantages including long battery life, precision, reliability, and stable performance regardless of temperature fluctuations. MIYOTA has been supplying movements to leading brands worldwide for nearly 40 years. Every component used in MIYOTA movements is made in Japan, and the majority of parts we use are made of metal, ensuring high precision and durability. MIYOTA batteries typically last 4-10 years depending on the model.

The plating on Sif Jakobs Watches is IP/Ion plating (0.5 MIC TIN + 0.1 MIC AU or 1N14). IP plating on stainless steel provides a more scratch-resistant (harder) surface. The end result is relatively lightweight and comfortable to wear, and the coating makes the watches five times stronger than standard stainless steel watches.

Our Sif Jakobs watches are either rated at 30 meters or 50 meters of water resistance. A water resistance rating of 30 meters means the watch can withstand splashes of water, while a rating of 50 meters means it can be worn for swimming in shallow depths.

The stones in our Sif Jakobs Watches are high-quality cubic zirconia.

Spare parts such as extra links and stones can be ordered through our Sif Jakobs sales team or customer service. Gisella watches come in standard lengths, but you can order extra links if you need a longer bracelet.

All Sif Jakobs Watches are covered by the statutory warranty of 24 months. This means that as a customer, you can complain about defects in the product that occur within 24 months of purchase. You may either have it repaired, replaced, refunded, or reduced in price, depending on the specific situation.

Clean your Sif Jakobs watch only with a clean, dry, and soft microfiber cloth. Avoid the following:

  • Contact with perfume, cosmetics, creams, sunscreen, or other beauty products.
  • Contact with chemicals (cleaning agents/soap).
  • Wearing our watch during sports or while sleeping.
  • Contact with hard/rough materials.
  • Prolonged exposure to magnetic surfaces.
    It is recommended to have your watch serviced by a certified dealer every two years.