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Ellera is our most beloved collection. The Ellera hoop-earrings are a classic piece of statement and will have you covered for any occasion. Ranging from tiny to small and medium sized hoop earrings, this collection offers you the chance of styling your ear with a multiple pierced look or wearing a simple sophisticated hoop all alone. One perfect earring or various earrings worn in one ear is the only way to style your ears this season.

The hoop range includes the popular Rainbow coloured version combined with the white zirconia style, which looks absolutely stunning and gives a waterfall-like look to your jewellery styling.

The range of Ellera bracelets are the epitome of elegance and classiness. The design is stylish and extremely slim and will match the rest of your Sif Jakobs jewellery items to perfection.

The stylish rings in the Ellera collection are sleek and uncomplicated, radiating excellence and exclusivity. We stack them together or wear themparallel, one on each finger reflecting an effortless confident styling choice. This chic look makes the rings perfect for any kind of day and occasion,whether you want to go traditional or transcend a fashionable look.

The new Ellera styles will add elegance to your ensemble from now on and make you look stylish and chic wherever you go. We promise these styles will upgrade your look in seconds.