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“For me, Roccanova is a tribute to French elegance. When I think of French style history, what stands out for me is glamourous jewellery, big diamonds and gemstones that were decorated with the most detailed decorations expressing all the extreme extravagant styles throughout time. Roccanova is inspired by that drama and boldness where the excessive has been replaced with clean contemporary settings and frames, this is a statement collection with a vintage feel and modern twist.” - Sif Jakobs

The collection is designed for the ones that live their best life in their own most glamorous way! The jewellery carries a stunning emerald cut cubic zirconia giving it a very exclusive look. It is captivatingly cool!

Roccanova offers you many variants of sizes, from cute little earrings studs, all the way up to massive statement rings with a huge emerald cut cubic zirconia that will make heads turn. All the stones are set in a tension setting, which is a setting that uses compression to hold the cubic zirconia in place.  This gives the illusion that the stone floats between the pieces of metal in avery elegant way.