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Bracelets for women

Worn as symbols of friendship and special relationships, the bracelet has evolved to become an expression of personal style. Bracelets are versatile wristwear and you don’t need a special occasion or mood to wear them. Worn on their own or stacked with a watch and other bracelets or bangles, bracelets liven up any attire. 

Award-winning designer Sif Jakobs wants every woman to shine in all her glory. There’s no finer way to do this than draping your wrists with this classy jewellery that combines unique designs, precious metals, and gemstones.

What is the most popular style?

Wrist accessories never go out of fashion. Sif Jakobs’ pulsating collection of delicately contoured bangles and gently embracing Scandinavian bracelets create a magical flow of effortless charm.  

  • Bracelets for her (Tennis Bracelets, Zirconia Bracelets)
  • Bangles
  • Personalized Bracelets

Online meeting places have put an emphasis on accessories for the upper torso. Chain link bracelets, tennis bracelets, and bangle bracelets—on their own or stacked together—are currently on-trend. 

Shop bracelets for women

A fusion of elegant Nordic aesthetics and trendy, playful styles, the bracelets showcased by designer Sif Jakobs reflect understated luxury in glorious designs. Check out our collection of women’s bracelets online for these fashionable styles that jazz up with our Nordic-inspired bracelets. 

From elegantly designed gold-plated silver to stylish and classy leather bracelets, Sif Jakobs has you covered for quality, artisanship and unique designs. Deeply committed to offering affordable luxury-style bracelets, these Danish design bracelets are also light and comfortable to wear. 

Bracelets for her

Fashion and elegance are skilfully encapsulated in each bracelet at Sif Jakobs. Our popular tennis bracelets and scintillating facet-cut white, black and multicoloured zirconia-adorned bracelets in silver with rhodium polish or 18 karat yellow or rose gold, will spoil you for choice.

Worn as an everyday accessory or for an occasion, declare your signature style with elegant-chic bracelets from Sif Jakobs Jewellery.

Bracelets for women gold

Sif Jakobs Jewellery uses 18 karat yellow and rose gold in gold-plated silver bracelets. You’ll find the arresting chain-linked bracelets with white and multicoloured zirconia as fascinating as the slender, understated designs with smooth polished surfaces. 

Bask in the hues of the rainbow as the sparkle from premium-quality zirconias in pristine white, elusive black and sparkling multi-hued tones dance around on your wrists.

The chunky Capri, delicate Remini, classic Princess Baguette, exquisite Follina Piranua and the ever-popular Elleras with a kaleidoscope of zirconias top our list of best-selling gold bracelets.

Bracelets for women silver

Sif Jakobs rhodium-plated silver bracelets are handcrafted in premium 925 silver sterling. Clean lines, minimal embellishments and tasteful designs are the hallmark of this collection.

The striking arrangement of zirconia on silver makes for a classic look; understated in design yet rich and striking in the shimmer of glittering gemstones. Biella Tre, Ellera and adjustable tennis bracelets set with white, black or multicoloured zirconia are currently our hot-selling silver bracelets.


Whereas bracelets naturally fall into place in sync with the shape of your wrist, bangles come in rigid polished designs. Worn alone or stacked, we promise the Sif Jakobs bangle collection is a treat for the eyes as much as it is for the wrist. 

Bangles for the fashion-savvy diva

From understated, dainty creations in gold and rhodium-plated silver to luxuriant pieces with pavé-set zirconia bangles, our spectacular range also includes open bangles that are tapered to a smooth finish.

To create a dramatic impression, Bangle Matera is an ideal piece with its unusual rectangular shape, and Bangle Antella, embellished with facet-cut and baguette zirconia, will ensure you walk in splendour.

Personalized Bracelets

Show the special people in your life how much you care by giving them a personalised bracelet from Sif Jakobs. You can easily engrave the bracelet you choose from the Follina collection which is especially designed for engraving. 

Expressions of endearment

You can engrave a Sif Jakobs Follina bracelet at no additional cost. Just choose a font, decide on words of endearment, a memorable date, initials, name, or a motif and voila you have a beautiful piece of memory for you or your loved one.

Sif Jakobs’ scintillating Follina Pianura bracelets make perfect surfaces for personalised engraving.

How can I clean my bracelet?

To clean remains of dirt or oil, add a few drops of mild detergent to water, immerse the metallic bracelet in it and gently clean with a soft brush. Rinse and pat dry with a soft cloth.

For leather bracelets, use a damp cloth with a dab of mild soap and run it along the bracelet. Rinse the cloth, wipe the bracelet, and allow it to dry.

What can I use to clean my bracelet?

For safe, scratch-free cleaning of metal bracelets, you can use a jewellery polishing cloth to remove dirt, oils, and grease from the bracelets. Alternatively, you can clean with water containing a pH-neutral soap. You can find more detailed product care information here on our website.

Can I adjust the length of my bracelet?

The bracelets come with an adjustable lobster clasp to link according to your fit, or with a flexible slider clasp to adjust the size. The ones that do not have adjustable lengths come in multiple sizes.