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For the upcoming season, we wanted to create a collection that is all about elegance, glamour, and drama! We used our imagination and travelled to the beautiful country of France, which is known for its abundant creative expression. France attracts people of all ages with its iconic landmarks, rich history and world-class art and architecture which we all, absolutely adore.

“France has always fascinated me. I spend my summers in the south
of France and I am so taken by their culture, lifestyle, and beautiful art.
The French grow up with a sense of style and elegance that has always
inspired me. It has a wealth of inspiration, and I have so many wonderful memories from this place, so it was time to dedicate a collection to this wonderful country.” - Sif Jakobs

Alongside our French-inspired collections Capizzi and Roccanova,
we welcome gorgeous new add-ons to our popular collections Ellera,
Ferrara and Follina, some featuring new design elements!