Sterling silver
The silver collection is made of 925 sterling silver, which is the international quality designation for silver products of the highest quality. The jewellery is 100% free of nickel and complies with all international quality standards. The quality is carefully inspected by Sif Jakobs to ensure the best result in the jewellery collections.

Rose gold & Yellow gold
Our rose and yellow gold plated jewellery is all made of 925 sterling silver, which is then plated with 18k rose gold or yellow gold to achieve an elegant finish. In 2014, Sif Jakobs launched parts of the collections in rose gold plated sterling silver, which has been a great success ever since.

We use 3 micron for the rings and 2 micron on earrings, necklaces, bracelets and bangles etc. 

Black rhodium
Black rhodium is similar to gold plating, a thin layer of rhodium, which is coated directly on the jewellery offers a beautiful black finish. 

Sif Jakobs has devoted her love to zirconia, which all collections also reflect in their stylish expression that gives everyone the opportunity to "Let Yourself Shine".
Zirconia is a durable, man-made gemstone that can be tinted in a variety of different colours. The stones are sanded typically in a princess cut, which makes them sparkle beautifully. Our zirconia stones are of the highest quality and are carefully selected.

The leather collection is made up of exquisite wristlets in hand-made Italian calf leather that go through several treatment processes to ensure the best quality. Layers of leather are superimposed upon each other to create the end result, while a magnetic latch discreetly secures the wristlet. 

Freshwater pearls 
Our Bobbio Due collection is designed with a combination of zirconia and a freshwater pearl. Freshwater pearls come from freshwater clams, and are naturally coloured. Pearls should be handled with care and we recommend that you put on jewellery with pearls after hairspray and perfume have evaporated.