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The Woman Behind The Brand

September 19, 2022


Tell us a thing not many people know about you?

I used to own a Harley Davidson motorbike. I really loved riding it and I still miss it. I know I am not the typical person you would associate with riding a motorbike, but I used to love the feeling of freedom it gave me.


How does a typical day start for you?

My day always starts by giving my son Sixten a kiss good morning and taking him to school. Once I have dropped him off, then it is full speed ahead for the rest of the day. I usually take an hour at home to go through my emails and make sure my inbox is clear before I drive to our Head Office. Here I will have meetings with different departments, such as our design or marketing teams, to talk about the different things we are working on. Sometimes, I will have meetings arranged with journalists or customers, and when this happens, I travel to our Flagship store in central Copenhagen to meet with them. My day usually ends around 6pm and I will go home and make dinner for my family. We live near the beach so. after dinner I like to take a walk there with my son and husband. It is important to have this time as a family and it helps me to wind down from the day.

Tell us your Copenhagen top tips?

There are so many wonderful things to do in Copenhagen, but an absolute must is to make sure you start your day by enjoying a coffee and a croissant at the cozy little French-inspired café Beau Marché. I would recommend eating lunch at my favourite go-to lunch spot, which is called Café Victor. I can highly recommend the bouillabaisse! Make sure when you are exploring you make time to take a stroll over the “inner bridge” to the new hip street food market. If you can, try and book a table at Noma (it’s consistently voted one of the world’s best restaurants). Also, if you are feeling active, hire bikes and cycle to La Banchina, and jump in the water. Copenhagen Contemporary is also worth a visit and is a very cool Art Museum where Kids are welcome.


What’s your favourite travel destination?

I love travelling and there are so many beautiful places to visit but, if I had to pick one, I would say the South of France as I feel like it is my second home. I visit at least twice a year (sometimes more) both in the winter to go Skiing and then again in the summer for my main holiday. My favourite spots are Cannes and Saint Tropez, which are especially amazing if you can visit them by boat and enjoy their beautiful coastlines.....if you have a boat.


What’s your favourite food?

I genuinely love all kinds of food and the Danish culinary scene has so many amazing dishes to try. It is really difficult to pick just one thing, but anything with fish or shellfish has got to be top of my list.  

What’s your favourite piece of jewellery?

As a jewellery designer, I appreciate all jewellery but my favourite thing would have to be rings, I absolutely love them. I think you can really express your individual style with the rings you choose to wear. When I am designing, all of my collections always start life with a ring design and from there they unfold to include earrings, and necklaces and bracelets.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

As I mentioned I love to travel and so a lot of my inspiration comes from the places I visit on my travels and the memories those trips hold in my mind. When I visit different destinations, I am inspired by the new cultures I experience and the people I meet. Architecture is also another major inspiration and many of my collections are inspired by the buildings I have seen, especially when I am on my travels and I get to see the architectural styles of different countries and cultures.

Who was the first person you told about your jewellery company?

My husband always knew I wanted to start my own jewellery company. He has been a constant support and inspiration to me throughout my brand’s journey and I really appreciate it.


What’s your go-to scent?

Chanel Gabrielle. I have used this scent for as long as I can remember and I don’t think that I will change it anytime soon.


When did you know that you were going to make jewellery?

For many years I thought I was going to be an architect, so I always knew I wanted to do something involving design. But I found out that I liked to design smaller things, that I could have in my hands, and I could feel and touch, rather than entire buildings. As soon as I tried making Jewellery for the first time, I knew this was my path and I have never looked back.