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Spring 22

January 19, 2022


Soon we will welcome spring 2022 — a new beginning for life to spring up and colours to burst forth on the beautifully cool wintery landscape.

Keeping pace with nature's hues, you can anticipate a glorious Spring 2022 collection from Sif Jakobs Jewellery. With an inspirational array of colourful jewellery, both new and some of our previous styles will emerge in splendour to inspire growth and courage in the hearts of all our dear friends.


Like we promised our dear subscribers, we have the best in deals, news and style updates reserved just for you! And we are delighted to share with you a little about our vision for the season!

So here we are yet again gearing up for a gloriously jewelled 2022 and we want to take you with us on this beautiful journey through spring into summer! We celebrate the upcoming spring season with the dazzling LUCE necklaces as well as a new colour combi to the hero collections Belluno, Biella, Ellera and Bovalino.

The Spring 2022 collection is all about our most beloved pieces dressed in an amazing earthy-tone colour palette.


We understand that colours have a direct impact on the human psyche and we tend to wear the colours that reflect our mood. What better way to celebrate life than wear colourful jewellery designed to evoke spring in both the wearer and the beholder!

Imagine walking into a board meeting with a piece of the fresh newly-minted world outside entwined around your fingers, wrists or ears. A slash of muted blue, purple and green, mingling with sophisticated beige and buttery gold! You will spell elegant splendour without saying a word.

So here we are, presenting jewellery dressed in a delicious splash of colours that delight the soul with visions of violets, endless blue skies and golden honey. Very elegant, very upscale and very charming. Very Sif Jakobs!


The BELLUNO collection is designed as a tribute to the elegant woman looking for classic hero pieces with extra sparkle. This spring, our stunning Belluno collection bursts forth with astonishing new colours. Yes! We now present Belluno pieces in the key Spring 2022 hues!

An electrifying pink, a yellowish orange, a calming blue, an earthy green and a creamy shade of butter balanced perfectly between elegance and glamour.

“The Belluno collection truly speaks to me and represents everything I love. Big sparkles you can spot from space! I couldn’t help it to decorate this collection in beautiful colours we have been working with, these earthy tones colours that give a vibrant feel to it when the cubic zirconia become this big. These are IT colours for Spring 2022 and I am so excited to show this collection in these captivating colours”

– Sif Jakobs


We’ve got news for all Ellera lovers: we intend on bringing new pieces adorned with luminous freshwater pearls that give you the most luxurious look and feel. Incredibly elegant yet so on-trend, these nature-inspired beauties will make the perfect jewellery accessory for all the spring-summer weddings you desire to attend.


For all you who love Danish designs in minimalistic elegance, we have added to the timeless and classic shapes in our Biella collection, beautiful earthy-toned, sparkling zirconia.

This spring, Biella pieces come in a variety of colours and shapes to match your style bug, perfect to transition from autumn to spring when the flowers start blooming.Your versatile companion to wear for any occasion, Biella will add a stylish hue to your lively spirit, allowing you to effortlessly transform from work mode to a night under the stars.


The Capri Medio earrings and Capri Due ring are also introduced in our delightful spring colours. Petite and delicate cubic zirconia in sky blue, purple, green, beige and earthy tones are flawlessly pavé-set, creating this beautiful calming aura around the stylish Capri pieces. It is the perfect piece of jewellery to carry your spring vibes.


It is also a must to dress our daring Bovalino earrings in this captivating colour palette. Our true Bovalino fans will not be disappointed!


A beautiful play of light on gold that will envelop your senses! Sif Jakobs is excited to introduce the LUCE chains, a joy to wear and the perfect finishing touch of sparkling elegance for any outfit. You get to carry your sunshine spirit everywhere you go!

Our Luce chains come in two different sizes, Luce Piccolo and Luce Grande. These right-on-trend chains have a beautiful surface finish which we call a “diamond cut” finish that creates an illusion of thousands of small diamonds decorated around every link making the chains catch light and sparkle from every angle.

Be your own muse by combining these stylish and grand pieces with the trendy bracelets and rings from the Sif Jakobs collections and you are all set to fire up your boardroom meetings or meet-ups with friends for coffee and laughter.

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