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Sif Jakobs

October 19, 2021


Strong. Successful. Stylish. These are just some of the hallmarks that make up the essence of Sif Jakobs - the spirit that led her to create her eponymous brand.

Sif Jakobs is the founder, designer and creative force that launched Sif Jakobs Jewellery, Copenhagen in 2009. For over a decade, her successful jewellery company has been offering women beautifully sophisticated jewellery in designs that can best be described in her own words: “classic elegance with a little edge.”


Allow us to present to you Sif Jakobs who has created a strong impression with her minimalistic Nordic designs that spell Scandinavian aesthetics blended with a touch of sophisticated glamour. She is undoubtedly a woman of strength who understands the importance of a hard work ethic, always at the helm of the fashion jewellery world.

Ever since Sif launched her company, she has received positive press and her jewellery has become a sought-after Scandinavian brand. 


Sif has a keen aesthetic and believes that beautiful jewellery inspires and should be accessible to every woman of substance to inspire strength, beauty and confidence.

I love jewellery that adds glamour to a woman’s look. This is why my jewellery always sparkles and stands out. I wish to create jewellery that gives a feeling of luxury and makes women all over the world shine–every day.” - Sif Jakobs


Sif bubbles with creative energy and friendly warmth that are hard to resist. Having travelled widely, she is a designer who understands the pulse of the market and has an intuitive feel for what women want and would find appealing. It is not surprising that her award-winning jewellery is sought after and appreciated by women everywhere including international celebrities.


Born and raised in Iceland, Sif trained as a goldsmith in Sweden and travelled the world, living in Italy for some years before making Copenhagen her home in 2000. She continues to live and work from Copenhagen while travelling extensively for business and pleasure with her husband Soren Dahl and son Sixten.


Affordable luxury is what Sif Jakobs Jewellery is all about—modern expressions of sophisticated design. Stylish and sophisticated, Sif Jakobs bracelets, rings, and earrings are sprinkled with rainbow-coloured magic. She brings out delightful surprises in hot summer colours and cool winter tones, bright spring tints and earthy autumn shades every year.


The look is upscale, trendy, and sophisticated. The quality and finish are par excellence. The price? As attractive as her jewellery. So, how does she achieve this? Gold and platinum look fabulous, but these precious metals drive up jewellery prices.

All jewellery by Sif Jakobs is crafted in 925 sterling silver, which is quality-plated with 2-3 microns of rhodium or yellow, white, or rose gold. Where the design includes stones, only the best quality zirconia in black, white, and every gorgeous colour of the rainbow is used. Voila! you have the glamorous demi-fine luxury for less.


Sif designs from her heart and life experiences. Her designs are primarily inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, Italian elegance, and her native Icelandic landscape and clear skyscapes with its northern lights and celestial beauty.

The lines are clean and Avant grade in classic Danish designs; the look is understatedly elegant. Nothing flashy or loud for the woman who fancies Sif Jakobs Jewellery!


Sif Jakobs designs for and draws inspiration from strong women everywhere, especially her mother. She creates new designs when she's on vacation and is inspired by her experiences and conversations with women she meets when she travels the world.

The more recent additions to the beautifulFerrara collection captures the essence of movement in time, inspired by the architectural grandeur of the twisted design of Cayan Towers Dubai. Likewise, the impressive and elegant industrial lines of theCapri collection encompass the essence of the Sif Jakobs design DNA – clean geometric shapes dipped into an ocean of sparkling zirconia.


Quality is Sif Jakobs’ hallmark, you can feel and experience it firsthand at The Sif Jakobs Jewellery Copenhagen flagship store. Unafraid of hard work, her vision is to be the best in the silver jewellery market and grow her brand to become a frontrunner in the industry. To this end, she pays attention to every aspect of the business, from production to customer service.

The meticulous design process involves visualisation of the latest trends based on what loyal Sif Jakobs customers want. Designs are developed from 2D sketches to 3D prototypes in a hands-on, involved design process. The final collections are definitely made with love!


Just like her stunning jewellery, Sif Jakobs has clearly created a company that makes heads turn and take notice.

In the last decade alone, as a testimony to its popularity and success, Sif Jakobs Jewellery continues to receive various international awards. The most recent being theGerman Brand Award 2020 for successful brand management for the 'Excellent Brands' title in the 'Luxury' category. The award announced by the German Design Council and the German Brand Institute is one of the most coveted awards in Germany.

In her own words, “This award, especially in the Luxury category, is very important to me. Because I want to create jewellery that gives a feeling of luxury. In a simple and beautiful style– for every day and for all women ”.

Other notable awards won in the last decade include theGerman Jewelry Award 2019, theInhorgenta Award 2017, the 'Collection of the Year Award 2018' and theUK Jewellery Award 2016, to mention a few.


For two years running, in 2014 and 2015, Sif Jakobs Jewellery was awarded the Børsen Gazelleprize for being the fastest growing and the most progressive Danish jewellery company.

As the creator of this award-winning Danish jewellery brand, Sif Jakobs does not rest on her laurels but constantly reinvents herself offering new and gorgeous means for women to shine like never before. The latest AW21 collections are testimony to this forward-looking brand’s visionary leader and designer Sif Jakobs.