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Jewellery Stacking Guide

October 21, 2021


French fashion photographer and blogger Garance Doré writes: “Jewellery is a very personal thing… It should tell a story about the person wearing it.” And we agree! Your jewellery and how you wear it speaks volumes about your sense of style.

Stacking jewellery became the hottest contemporary trend on the international scene around 2013 and continues to be in fashion today. No matter what the occasion is, you can stack and layer fabulous jewellery in different sizes, styles, and materials to add Oomph! to your appearance.


If you are looking for stackable jewellery and ideas for how to wear them, Sif Jakobs Jewellery offers you an array of excellent choices in: stack necklaces, stack rings, stack earrings, stack bracelets.

Elegant, gold-plated sterling silver jewellery in exclusive Nordic designs are all the rage today. Wear stylish rings and bracelets in stacks and necklaces in layers and instantly upgrade your look for the day or night.


Have a lunch date, a fun evening out with friends, a cocktail party, or a special event to attend? Create a dramatic effect with any outfit by layering several chains - plain or gem-studded - to create a stack of necklaces.

Have a busy day with no time to change your outfit for that posh evening party? Fret not. Stacking necklaces will instantly transform your look from business or casual to glamorous and impressive.


There are so many ways to wear your necklaces. Combine slim chains in different designs, with or without pendants, for a subtly stylish look. You can try layering necklaces with plain chains mixed with those that have attractive pendants.

Or make a statement by combining two or more chunky necklaces or by mixing slim pieces with bold statement necklaces. You could even show off your styling flair with contrasting necklaces incomplementary styles.


The rule that says you should wear only one chain or statement necklace at a time does not apply today. Nothing beats a necklace stack composed of slim chains in varying lengths and designs. We recommend our Figaro, Cheval and Cavalier chains for layering.

Try wearing a short chain close to your neck with a mid-size 45cm chain, followed by a longer necklace with a sleek zirconia-studded pendant.

Necklace layering hint: use your adjustable chains to create a necklace stack, working 2cm up and down your favourite centrepiece!


Have you tried layering with different materials? Give your creativity free rein and pair a 925 sterling silver necklace with a gold-plated one set with colourful zirconias or pearls.

Or try layering a rhodium-plated necklace with an 18-karat yellow or rose gold-plated one. Take it a step further and make a bold statement by adding a piece with zirconia in exciting colours and shapes.

Sif Jakobs offers you a range of sterling silver and gold-plated necklaces that are as affordable as they are glamorous. These come in rhodium, yellow gold, and rose gold finishes; some are set with pearls and premium quality zirconia in different hues and lend themselves beautifully to layering.


Of all jewellery, rings lend themselves best to the stackable style. Celebrities and fashionistas are sporting jaw-dropping ring stacks at glamorous events.


When it comes to stacking rings, the permutations and combinations are endless. Our sleek and stylish rings from the Ellara collection cries out to be stacked together or worn parallel on different fingers. Combine rhodium-plated rings with yellow or rose gold ones. Experiment by changing the order of the rings till you are pleased with the effect they create together.


For an edgy look, dress up with stack earrings on the lobe and along the Lower and upper helix of your ear.


We have studs and hoops for pierced ears and cuffs for those without ear piercings who still want to start an ear party with multiple earrings.

For an interesting effect, try a combination of small, medium and large hoops from our collections such asFerrara andEllera Piccolo, Medio, and Grande.


For a varied look, combine 925 sterling silver earrings in bright and matt finishes, with rhodium and gold plated ones, and those set with white, black and multicoloured zirconia. Take your pick from theCapri polished and Capri zirconia-set earrings and the Ellera andEllera Pianura collections.


Bracelet stacks of contrasting and complementing pieces have been worn for a long time but are trending more than ever before as elegant and fashionable wristwear. Add pizzazz with winning combinations of bracelets for any day and occasion.


Make up your stack of bracelets with 925 sterling silver bracelets in rhodium, gold, and rose gold plating in clean and simple designs and combine them with those set with white or coloured zirconia in different shapes. Add interesting movement by mixing and matching flexible bracelets with fixed-shape ones. You could also go the extra mile and add a leather bracelet or two to up your style quotient.

Inspired? If all you needed to try layering was just some motivation and tips on how to layer, we hope to have done that for you.

We would LOVE to see your layering styles! Tag us on Instagram so we can exchange notes!